Announcing the 2019 Women Worth Watching® Award Winners

2019 Women Worth Watching Leadership Award Winners

Executives Leading the Way to Excellence in the Workplace, Marketplace and the World

CLEVELAND, OH June 19, 2019

Profiles in Diversity Journal today proudly announces 166 winners of the 18th Annual Women Worth Watching® Awards. These leaders join more than 2,000 past Award recipients, (see Some past winners have gone on to become CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, including Mary Barra, currently CEO of General Motors; Lynne Doughtie, CEO of KPMG; Marillyn Hewson, CEO of Lockheed Martin; Michele Buck, CEO of Hershey’s; and Beth Mooney CEO of Key Bank. Countless others have moved forward to lead new business units, drive new markets, launch new ventures, and help develop the next generation of women leaders.

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Profiles In Diversity Journal - Spring 2019 Issue

Winter 2018-2019 –
Diversity Journal

Profiles in Diversity Journal Winter 2018-2019 Issue

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Fall 2018 –
Diversity Journal

Profiles in Diversity Journal Fall 2018 Issue

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Summer 2018 –
Diversity Journal

Profiles in Diversity Journal Summer 2018 Issue

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Freddie Mac’s Expanded FOCUS ON INCLUSION

l-r: Dominica Groom Williams, Freddie Mac VP of the Office of Inclusive Engagement; Jacqueline Welch, Freddie Mac Chief Human Resources Officer and Chief Diversity Officer

Freddie Mac

in·clu·sive en·gage·ment:

Establishing meaningful connections with people unlike yourself

Freddie Mac is a majority-minority company, and women make up nearly half our workforce. As a company with a strong track record in diversity, we accept the challenge of thoughtfully defining and executing sustainable next practices in inclusion and diversity.

On a fall day in October 2018, the summer greenery on our campus in McLean, Virginia, was being replaced by bright hues of orange and yellow typical of the season’s transitioning foliage. The change in the season hinted at an important evolution happening inside. Walking among the employees on that morning were diverse suppliers and community partners preparing to attend our first-ever Inclusion Summit.

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Featured Articles

Elevating Today’s Workforce to Meet Tomorrow’s Challenges: A Case Study

By Donald Fan Summary The Challenge: Technology and automation are redefining the enterprise, the workforce, and how work gets done. How can corporate America prepare for and respond to these unprecedented shifts, and ensure women and people of color are not falling behind? The Approach: The challenge requires corporate America…

Value Protocols Vanquish Unconscious Bias

by Stephen Young Unconscious bias is manifested through a variety of dimensions. The most visible are race, gender, culture and generation, and other factors that influence who gets hired, developed, and promoted within an organization. The goal is to create a culture and environment that enables these diverse groups to…

Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Struggle in Corporate America

By Donald Fan As diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) executives and practitioners, we ask ourselves how we can position our companies as employers of choice to attract and retain top talent, and how we can reap the benefits of DEI to enhance innovation and new business opportunities in the digital…

Anka Wittenberg – SAP

Anka Wittenberg, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer and Head of People Sustainability for SAP SE Innovation: SAP Global Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Program Introduced: 2011 Program Leader: Anka Wittenberg, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer and Head of People Sustainability for SAP SE Introduced in 2011 and led by economist and…

Mental Health in the Workplace: It Matters

By Nadine Vogel Employers around the world continue to struggle with how to appropriately address and accommodate individuals with disabilities in the workplace. But of all disability types, mental health is still one of the most invisible, stigmatized, and misunderstood. I have heard many employers say that they would not…

You Can’t Fix a D&I Problem by Barking up the Tree of Bad Behavior

by Stephen Young & Barbara Hockfield In visiting many companies, globally, it is striking how frequently employees wrongly categorize bad behavior as a symptom of unconscious bias, exclusion, or micro-inequity. The tendency is to use a broad brush when assessing the motivations behind behaviors that make others feel uncomfortable or…

Innovations Awards Winners Announced!

Innovations in Diversity Awards

15th Annual Top Ten Diversity/Inclusion Innovation Winners Announced

CLEVELAND, OH – (October 19, 2018) Profiles in Diversity Journal is delighted to announce the winners of its 15th Annual Innovations in Diversity Awards competition, honoring corporations, organizations, and institutions that have developed innovative solutions in the area of workforce diversity, inclusion and human equity. The winners’ innovations and successes will be featured in Profiles in Diversity Journal’s fall 2018 issue, scheduled for publication November 25, 2018 in print and online at

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Prysmian Group’s Side by Side Program

Prysmian Group Linking the Future

Through its Side by Side program, Prysmian Group has committed that by 2020, 40% of hired staff, 12% of executives and 10% of top managers will be women. You can see some of their current stats regarding their transparent workforce makeup here.

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The HP Reinvent Mindsets Series

Hewlett Packard

HP launched the Reinvent Mindsets series to cultivate a future talent pool and bring public attention to unconscious bias in today’s hiring environment. HP is hiring and talent is our only criteria; the company wants to be the destination of choice for women and underrepresented groups seeking careers in technology.

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Dads and Daughters (Part 2)
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Proud Portraits (Part 3)
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