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Anka Wittenberg – SAP
Anka Wittenberg, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer and Head of People Sustainability for SAP SE Innovation: SAP Global Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Program Introduced: 2011 Program Leader: Anka Wittenberg, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer and Head of People Sustainability for SAP SE Introduced in 2011 and led by economist... Read more
Todd Mohr – Aerotek

Leaders deliver honest, real-time coaching and feedback, and recognize that doing so is important not only to help each employee succeed in the now, but also to help him or her build a successful future.

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Deborah Gillis – Catalyst

Based on Catalyst research and my personal experience, I believe that humility, courage, and a willingness to disrupt the default are the traits most essential to successful leadership. Small moments can have a big impact on innovation, performance, and productivity.

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Stephen R. Howe Jr – EY

Leaders who create high-performing teams that are greater than the sum of their parts value differences as opposed to merely tolerating them. They encourage discussion, actively engage conflicting points of views, and inspire teams to think creatively, all while pursuing a common mission.

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Patrick C. Dunican Jr. – Gibbons P.C.

The biggest challenge in managing a diverse workforce is ensuring that professional development and leadership training are effectively customized, so that all of our attorneys have access to education and training opportunities most applicable to their careers, skill sets, cultural competencies, and future potential.

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John Veihmeyer – KPMG

… we are committed to creating opportunities and pathways to leadership for our diverse workforce. We take proactive steps to assign diverse, talented individuals to priority client engagements, and provide opportunities that enhance technical proficiency and build skills that will help them succeed over the long term.

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Anthony S. Kendall – Mitchell and Titus LLP

Diversity—in particular, diversity of thought fueled by individual exposures and experiences—is the engine of creativity and innovation. An organization’s most valuable asset is its diversity of people and thought, and its willingness to embrace each person’s uniqueness.

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Peter P. Bevacqua – The PGA of America

I view “leadership” as a verb because true leadership requires leading by example. A leader’s actions, not his or her words, will inspire staff members.

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Steve Angel – Praxair

Effective leaders insist on diversity and inclusion. They understand that a variety of experiences and backgrounds results in an energized and productive work environment. They value the differences among us that lead to dynamic solutions and innovative changes. That is what makes good leaders.

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Ronald M. De Feo – Terex

Our drive to increase the number of women in leadership and line positions has caused our managers to go beyond traditional thinking, including re-examining interviewing practices and techniques, to ensure we are considering not just candidates who “look like us,” but also those who will add something different to the mix and challenge us to be even better.”

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