Frederica M. Williams CEO and President, Whittier Street Health Center Championing for a vulnerable neighborhood Whittier Street Health Center is a federally funded and Joint Commission-accredited urban community health and wellness center dedicated to ensuring the physical well-being of the underserved residents of Boston. Established in 1933 as a... Read more
Chris Policinski President and CEO, Land O’Lakes, Inc. Fueling performance and growth Land O’Lakes, Inc., operates in one of the greatest growth industries of our era. As we work to embrace the opportunities and expand our global footprint, we know we will need to leverage the expertise of a... Read more
Patrick C. Dunican Jr. Chairman and Managing Director, Gibbons P.C. Shaping a firm-wide perspective At Gibbons, we understand that diversity provides valuable perspectives and cultural competencies that allow us to be more creative, efficient, and, ultimately, effective in our practice of law and service to clients. Diversity is key... Read more
John F. Brock Chairman & CEO, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc. Effecting positive change At Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE), we’ve seen the benefit that comes from engaging with a broad diversity of voices, experiences, and backgrounds. In today’s competitive market, a business that fully embraces diversity on all levels is a successful... Read more
Michael W. Lamach Chairman and CEO, Ingersoll Rand Fueling collaboration and growth To enhance competitiveness in the global marketplace, Ingersoll Rand seeks out employees with diverse skills and backgrounds that help foster innovative growth and uncover new market niches for products and services. We are building a winning culture... Read more
Sam Jones Data Morphosis Challenging the status quo Diversity and inclusion is a subject that is very close to my heart. I’ve always believed that you shouldn’t need a business case to treat people equally. But last year I realised that many CEOs and executive boards don’t share my... Read more
Kelly Ortberg CEO and President, Rockwell Collins Developing new markets At Rockwell Collins, we recognize that the power of diversity and inclusion is the key to unlocking innovation—and driving growth. For example, we have a globalization strategy that calls for our international business to grow faster than our domestic... Read more
David (Dave) F. Melcher CEO and President, Exelis Leading by example While promoting inclusion and diversity is natural to many, not everyone understands the positive effect it can have on business. A variety of experiences, backgrounds, and voices contribute to innovative ideas that enhance business and customer relationships in... Read more
Sheila Bassi-Kellett Deputy Minister, Department of Human Resources, Government of the Northwest Territories   Guiding our decisions and actions The Northwest Territories (NWT), with a population of just under 44,000 people dotted across 1.1 million square kilometres, is incredibly diverse and accepting. Take it from me, a first generation... Read more
Ellen M. Lord President and CEO, Textron Systems Developing a global mindset Corporate diversity is not a social program. It is smart business. We operate in a global marketplace, where successful organizations must galvanize quickly around customer requirements. Being representative of the customers we serve generates value-rich, comprehensive solutions.... Read more