Model Program Transitioning Veterans into the Workforce The Walt Disney Company has a long tradition of supporting the military, dating back to Walt as a teenager during World War I. Today, Disney continues that legacy with widespread philanthropic undertakings and its Heroes Work Here is gaining momentum across the... Read more
Forging Relationships in Corporate, Academia, NGO and Government For more than a century, Chevron has played a significant role in the South African economy. Continuing the relationship and respecting the culture, the company follows a deep-rooted process for addressing the complexities and opportunities of diversity and inclusion. Chevron’s Office... Read more
Firm Seeking to Establish Uniform Standards in Legal Procurement Process The law firm Gibbons P.C. is raising the bar with a recommendation to the New Jersey State Bar Association seeking state-wide adoption of uniform standards in the legal procurement process. Its Uniform Diversity Questionnaire (UDC) seeks to create fairness... Read more
Unique Mix of Internal, External and Academia Across Western Europe, Coca-Cola Enterprises knows that people make a company successful. Utilizing a unique mix of people from internal, external and academia, the company is successfully aligning diversity and inclusion with its business priorities. Its innovative Diversity & Inclusion Lab in... Read more
ACCOUNTABLE FOR SIGNIFICANT INCREASE IN WORKFORCE DIVERSITY KeyBank is creating a cultural shift in a short period of time through a unique Diversity Recruiting Strategy that is accountable for putting the company on track this year for a significant increase in diversity hiring. The company made significant strides in... Read more
Diversity of Thought – Thinking beyond the Pipeline to Drive Business Results Award-winning ConAgra Foods, Inc. is leveraging profiles on how people think as a roadmap for successfully driving real-world business results. The ConAgra Diversity in Thinking Styles approach is aligning its teams and increasing the company’s operating efficiency.... Read more
Empowering Globally Educated Health Professionals with Career Development Canada’s Saskatoon Health Region’s career development for internationally educated health professionals is helping immigrants overcome regulatory barriers and opening pathways for them to excel in health professions. The innovative Power of Hope Program is the result of a successful partnership between... Read more
Building Relationships and Creating Future Leader At the international law firm Latham & Watkins LLP, diversity is a fundamental tenet of the firm’s culture. This year it launched the Diversity Leadership Academy, a professional development program for law students and firm associates. As Global Chair of the Diversity Leadership... Read more
Delivering Excellence through an Inclusive Environment The Hospital Corporation of American (HCA) is committed to achieving a positive and fair working environment where diversity is led at all levels. The company created its Inclusive Culture Series this year to support the delivery of high-quality patient care, and ensuring an... Read more
EDUCATING, CONNECTING, EMPOWERING Capital One recognizes its people, culture and customers contribute equal parts to its success. The company has an award-winning history for its commitment to innovation, leadership, diversity and community service. Standing behind its statement that it’s the differences between people that make us stronger, Capital One... Read more