Mental Health in the Workplace: It Matters
By Nadine Vogel Employers around the world continue to struggle with how to appropriately address and accommodate individuals with disabilities in the workplace. But of all disability types, mental health is still one of the most invisible, stigmatized, and misunderstood. I have heard many employers say that they would... Read more
You Can’t Fix a D&I Problem by Barking up the Tree of Bad Behavior
by Stephen Young & Barbara Hockfield In visiting many companies, globally, it is striking how frequently employees wrongly categorize bad behavior as a symptom of unconscious bias, exclusion, or micro-inequity. The tendency is to use a broad brush when assessing the motivations behind behaviors that make others feel uncomfortable... Read more
Are Female Leaders Confident Communicators?
By Inmaculada Reinoso I still remember my first speech in front of an audience in the winter of 2016. At the time, I was managing the relationships and internal communications of a regional sales team at a well-known American multinational tech company. The company was having a hard time... Read more
Through its Side by Side program, Prysmian Group has committed that by 2020, 40% of hired staff, 12% of executives and 10% of top managers will be women. You can see some of their current stats regarding their transparent workforce makeup here. Prysmian Group is also taking a close... Read more
The HP Reinvent Mindsets Series: Let’s Get In Touch (Part 1)
“Let’s Get In Touch” was launched on April 26, 2017. It was targeted at the African American community and based on the staggering statistic that when qualified for a job, African Americans are three times more likely to experience a denial. HP took “Let’s Get In Touch” one step... Read more
The HP Reinvent Mindsets Series: Dads and Daughters (Part 2)
“Dads and Daughters” was launched on June 12, 2017 during the Forbes Women’s Summit in New York City. It shines a light on the unconscious bias still faced by women during the interview process through the lens of father/daughter relationships. “Dads and Daughters” was launched at a topical time... Read more
The HP Reinvent Mindsets Series: Proud Portraits (Part 3)
Addressing the staggering statistic that more than one-third of LGBTQ employees hide their personal lives at work, HP launched “Proud Portraits” on November 15, 2017 during Out in Tech’s mixer in SF. Out in Tech is a non-profit that provides resources and mentorship to ensure career access for LGBTQ... Read more
KPMG’s Lynne Doughtie: Standing United Behind Our Culture and Values

KPMG U.S. Chairman and CEO, Lynne Doughtie’s response to the events in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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Innovations 2016

Innovations 2016

PDJ February 1, 2017 0

Announcing the 2016 Women Worth Watching Award Winners
Trailblazers Leading the Way to Excellence in the Workplace, Marketplace and the World CLEVELAND, OH – June 21 Profiles in Diversity Journal today proudly announces the winners of the 15th Annual Women Worth Watching Awards®. In celebrating the 15th year anniversary, there have been 162 nominations selected as 2016... Read more