Innovations In Diversity

Profiles in Diversity Journal - July/August 2014

One Contagious Movement

Ideas are powerful.

Their power lies not in the ideas themselves, but in our ability to get others to believe and take action. In short, sharing ideas can create a movement.

The ideas we celebrate in our annual Innovations in Diversity Awards do precisely that—they are igniting movements in the organizations that gave birth to them to create and sustain a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

I believe that’s what makes our award so different. Its purpose is not to recognize just the biggest ideas or the largest corporate investments or even the companies and organizations we admire most. How could that help us fuel the movement? Instead, the purpose of this award is to share with an international community of like-minded organizations of all sizes and in all industries innovative tools and ideas that can move their diversity efforts forward too.

This is the 11th year we’ve recognized innovations in diversity and inclusion, and we believe the ideas put forth by this year’s participants are better than ever. That’s why, in addition to deeper coverage of our Top 10 award winners, we’re proud to include write-ups from our discussions with each of our Awards of Excellence and Honorable Mentions. We’d like to congratulate all of our finalists, and thank them for taking part in this effort to advance this important movement.

In our next issue, we will be adding more fuel to the diversity movement fire with our annual, highly regarded Women Worth Watching® feature. For 13 years, Profiles in Diversity Journal has been honoring successful women executives from around the world, as well as the organizations that saw their talent, hired them, and continue to support their success.

It is never too late to fuel your own movement. Contact us to find out how your participation in our next issue can propel your organization’s efforts forward. And join us now in celebrating those who have followed their vision of what the future can be and who, by sharing their creative ideas and innovative efforts, might just help get us all there.

James R. Rector, CEO & Publisher
July 2014


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