Take a photo that helps tell your story

Congratulations! You’re being featured in a respected business publication. That already speaks volumes about you and your organization! Please help us tell your story well by adhering to our feature photo requirements.


300 dpi .jpg or .tif format 5×7 inches minimum (8 1/2 x 11 preferred)

Please use a professional photographer:

Low-resolution, unfocused or inappropriate photos will be rejected

Wear colorful business attire:

Make sure you are the main focus of the photo.

Represent Your Brand

Use a background or environment that displays your brand or represents your industry for added punch.


Both photos are 300 DPI. Right-hand photo is TRUE 300 DPI, shot by a professional. Left-hand photo is manipulated to be 300 DPI, causing the picture to be “soft” and blurry.


Send a photo you’d be proud to see on the cover.
You never know when you might!

For more information, contact [email protected].

Download Photo Requirements PDF