Alex Johnston, Catalyst
Women Worth Watching 2015 Alex Johnston Catalyst Canada’s Executive Director Is an Advocate for Women Everywhere   As leader of the Catalyst Canada office, Alex Johnston is responsible for shaping a strategy for Catalyst’s continued growth and member engagement in that country. Before joining Catalyst, Alex accumulated more than a decade... Read more
Why Inclusive Work Cultures Matter—And How Your Organization Can Create Them
By Catalyst In the business world, perfectionism, power, and competitiveness are often glorified. Many companies want to be perceived as stronger and better than their competitors. But what some of them fail to realize is that when these behaviors seep into their organizational cultures and influence the ways employees... Read more
EVER WONDER HOW working women fare under the law in China and India, the world’s most populous countries? According to two recently published Catalyst tools, China: The Legal Framework for Women and Work and India: The Legal Framework for Women and Work, women in both countries have many rights... Read more

A lot of guys get that equality programs—things like flexible work arrangements, mentoring programs, on-site childcare, and legislative solutions for equal pay—are good for women and men.

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