Martin Luther King Jr. I Have a Dream
By Judy Shen-Filerman Many professionals who have come from other cultures are not used to the way Americans socialize at work. Our sarcastic humor, our “how was your weekend as a passing-by comment” make make many non-natives feel on the periphery and unwelcome in work circles. Professionals have mentioned... Read more
In the western world on average we live longer, look younger, and have children later. The media talk about “Fifty being the new forty”—meaning people behave, dress, and look younger than before. The fact that we live longer actually creates challenges for governments—how to pay for retirement when people... Read more

Some argued that designations such as black, white, Asian and Hispanic are outmoded classifications with little valid meaning for understanding genetic variations. The other side opined that meaningful DNA variations can track racial lines and to not explore them might jeopardize the effectiveness of the emerging concept of personalized medicine, aimed at developing treatment based on a person’s genetic makeup.

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The Concept of Ownership

PDJ February 26, 2013 0

The concept of ownership gets a lot of attention these days. The notion is broad, embracing such concepts as accepting responsibility, being held accountable, taking initiative, and especially using your own judgement/making independent decisions about matters that have expressly been delegated to you. This sounds straightforward enough, but taking ownership actually has a cultural dimension.

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The need for culturally competent leaders will be ever more urgent as the workforce becomes more and more diverse on a number of different dimensions.

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By Bill Proudman Many business leaders, especially white men, view diversity as a problem to solve or a set of strategies to implement. This approach overlooks the leaders’ personal role. White male leaders who effectively lead in this effort do more than implement strategies to fix the problem. They... Read more

While D&I practitioners have been aware that the issues of diversity and inclusion span the globe, until recently the popular sentiment was that the term “diversity” was a US idea that did not play well in other parts of the world.

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Equal But Not the Same

PDJ January 30, 2013 2

In the recent inaugural speech the words “we were all created equal” resonated with great vivacity. Although from a diversity point of view this is certainly true, in truth to treat everybody the same is discrimination. Even though we were all created equal, to obliterate the distinct differences between “you and I” would be the same as to deprive life of its true essence.

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“The world is getting smaller,” we say. We travel more. We buy products from every corner of the world—at home. We travel abroad to work. Or we work in organizations that either have headquarters in another country or in organizations that are connected to other countries for internal or external reasons. Culture is everywhere!

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