Martin Luther King Jr. I Have a Dream
By Monica Sucha Vickers, Author of My Extraordinary Life I was born in 1954 with no legs and no right arm. This was undoubtedly due to the thalidomide scandal in the 1950s; however, the records have been “lost” and thus, there is no positive confirmation. I was born in... Read more
By Debra Marcelle-Coney, PhD, and Myrna Molinari, MSW, LCSW, CAP, Department of Veteran Affairs The thought of a learning disability never crosses the minds of most people. Some may dismiss the idea and assume it is a few tendencies or possible characteristics of something else. As a result, the... Read more
by Nadine Vogel, President, Springboard Consulting LLC If a company is a U.S. federal contractor or subcontractor, its Diversity, HR, and EEO professionals are most likely aware of the 7 percent hiring goal proposed by the OFCCP. With President Obama’s re-election, a President who has shown tremendous support for... Read more

2012 was a tipping point for many diversity and inclusion (D&I) issues in this country and around the globe. We saw a number of defining moments, many of them controversial and misunderstood, that will require the attention of D&I experts this year and beyond.

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