By Whose Standards Do We Measure Ourselves: The Illusion of Inclusion Part V

The Illusion of Inclusion, Part 5

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Assimilation: Hidden in Plain Sight: The Illusion of Inclusion Part IV
Part IV of the series The Illusion of Inclusion by Helen Turnbull, PhD In my last article, I talked about the affinity bias conundrum and our propensity to surround ourselves with people who make us comfortable. Yet another piece of the inclusion puzzle is hidden in plain sight: Assimilation.... Read more
The Affinity Bias Conundrum: The Illusion of Inclusion Part III
Is it realistic to believe that we can keep it from happening or manage our way out of it? Or is affinity bias such an entrenched part of human behavior that we cannot hope to change it? By Helen Turnbull, PhD If I were to make a hierarchical list... Read more
The Illusion of Inclusion – Part II
Four Sides to the Same Coin By Dr. Helen Turnbull See Part 1 here In stark contrast to the weather I grew up with, the warm air of Miami washed over me as I stepped off the British Airways flight that brought me from my native country of Scotland... Read more
The Illusion of Inclusion – Part I

What is the big deal about inclusion? It is easy to include others. All you have to do is make sure you actually notice people, smile at them, acknowledge them, say hello, make them feel good about themselves…

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