Regina (Gina) L. Andrukaitis, L-3 Electronic Systems, Precision Engagement and Training Sector, Interstate Electronics Corp.
Women Worth Watching 2015 Regina (Gina) L. Andrukaitis Her Technical Know-How Led to L-3/IEC Division Presidency   Gina Andrukaitis is president of Interstate Electronics Corporation (IEC), a company that employs approximately 350 employees at its home office in Anaheim, California, and field services sites in Washington, DC, Port Canaveral,... Read more
Alison J. Hartley, L-3 Communications
Women Worth Watching 2013 Alison J. Hartley This VP of Helps L-3 Reach New Heights of Success   In 2003, Alison Hartley joined L-3 Communications as a director of business development, and, since that time, she has taken on many leadership roles. During the past six years, she served... Read more
Lexi Alexander, L-3 Communications–National Security Solutions
Women Worth Watching 2015 Lexi Alexander L-3 Communications’ SVP Has a Passion for National Security   Lexi Alexander’s passion for the national security mission has deep roots. During the Clinton administration, Lexi worked with the US Department of Defense, State Department, and allied embassies around the world on the... Read more
Name: Sandra Aldana Title: Program Manager, L-3 Electron Technologies, Inc. Company: L-3 Headquarters: New York, New York Number of Employees: 48,000 Education: BS in Engineering, California Polytechnic State University What I’m Reading: The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay My Philosophy: Take responsibility and lead by example. Away from... Read more