By Grace Austin THE INCREDIBLE POWER OF CROWDFUNDING HAS FINALLY MOVED INTO THE CHARITABLE SECTOR. Fundly, the crowdfunding platform for “social good,” has enabled users to raise more than $305 million to-date for nonprofit, volunteer, political, and personal charitable causes. Founded by Dave Boyce in 2009, Fundly began as... Read more
By Julie Hayes WHEN SAYAKA ETO, Ashok Kamal, and Kevin Eng met in 2010 while pursuing their MBAs in New York City, they discovered a mutual love of engaging the corporate world in social and environmental issues. Though each came from different backgrounds, both culturally and educationally, they shared... Read more
LANGUAGESPEAK, A PROFESSIONAL translation services company, was founded by entrepreneur Annette Taddeo-Goldstein. The company offers language-related services in over 240 languages, employing translators, interpreters, and instructors. A nationally recognized minority supplier, LanguageSpeak has received many awards, including recognition as one of the Top 500 Hispanic American owned businesses in... Read more
BY NOËLLE BERNARD The failure to understand the legal system is a major cause of the short lifespan of many small businesses in the United States. In order to help small businesses avoid becoming one of the 660,000 firms that close each year, the Small Business Administration (SBA) offers... Read more