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Super Commuters to the Rescue
According to the US Census Bureau, the average commute to work is 25.4 minutes. That’s what makes super commuters so, well, super. Megan Bearce, licensed marriage and family therapist, defines super commuter in her book, Super Commuter Couples: Staying Together When a Job Keeps You Apart, as “a new category... Read more

Each year, the Vilcek Prize is awarded for outstanding achievements in the biomedical sciences and the arts. A second award, the Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise, recognizes the achievements of younger immigrant artists and scientists.

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Women in STEM

Women April 1, 2014 0

Women make up nearly 37 percent of the AT&T STEM network. In her time with the company, Carmen Nava has witnessed firsthand the evolution of the technology we all utilize.

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…STEMconnector launched Million Women Mentors, an engagement campaign and national call to action that mobilizes corporations, government entities, nonprofits, and educational groups to support the mentoring of girls and women in STEM fields.

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During Barack Obama’s first term as president, most of his pro-employee legislative agenda was stymied by Congress. Undeterred, the Obama Administration turned to administrative agencies such as the Department of Labor, National Labor Relations Board, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to move forward its workplace agenda. The stakes... Read more
STEM is a hot topic in the nation, especially concerning young women and minorities. Organizations like Women in Technology International are making progress for females, working to create networks for women in STEM fields. This June 2-4, Women in Technology International is holding their annual Women Powering Technology Summit... Read more

It has been much publicized within the past few years that the U.S., once dominant in all aspects of education, has been lagging behind other nations in terms of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education. The Obama administration, specifically, has tied STEM with innovation, and thus competition, on the world stage. In other words, STEM is no longer an educational lapse—it’s a national security issue. And while growth of STEM overall is encouraged, it has been specifically targeted at underrepresented minorities (URMs) and females.

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My Business is to help build a diverse pipeline of talent for our clients in areas such as science, IT, engineering, and healthcare. Given the recent recession, one would think that finding qualified talent for these positions would be easy. Wrong.

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